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Today's healthcare purchasers--employers, employees, and public and private insurers--have challenged providers to deliver care that is not only high in quality, but also effective in terms of cost. Health Systems Redesign, Inc. (HSR) works with providers to meet that challenge through its Clinical Evaluation and Redesign Practice. 

The Clinical Evaluation and Redesign Practice takes a two-fold approach to the provision of care by assessing the etiology of the patient population and the current treatment protocols as well as analyzing the processes by which that care is delivered. HSR then works with the client in redesigning the delivery processes while maintaining the standard of care that has been established.

HSR uses the Performance Improvement Process with clients when undertaking clinical evaluation and redesign. This formal method involves data collection and analysis, identification of critical factors, identification of improvement opportunities, and determination of performance goals and measures. Careful analysis of data can accelerate the client's ability to realize solutions that can reduce cost or improve revenue, alleviate staff workload, minimize dissatisfaction, and maximize the quality of care provided. HSR utilizes total business process management (TQM) to facilitate change management for the organization at multiple levels. Furthermore, HSR facilitates a client staffed design team that is empowered to develop recommendations along with an implementation plan. The implementation/redesign plan is a formal plan of action, which HSR consultants will manage.

With patient outcomes and staff performance as the focal points, this collaborative approach with the client accelerates the clients ability to create and realize value through an increased quality of care, reduced costs to deliver care, increased revenue, reduction in staff workload, and/or increased staff and patient satisfaction. Ultimately, HSR's Clinical Evaluation and Redesign Practice assists health care providers in improving the efficacy and efficiency of their operations.

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