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HealthSystems Redesign, Inc. (HSR) takes a holistic approach to Strategic & Financial Planning and Analysis. The development and implementation of successful and sustainable strategies is reliant upon market, organizational and financial plans that are both interdependent and internally consistent. HSR works with clients to determine market strategies and to assure that these strategies can be effectively implemented in order to achieve the desired results. 

Using quantitative and qualitative research and analysis, HSR provides clients with an accurate portrayal of the client's current market. Furthermore, HSR provides an analytic perspective as to the underlying dynamics, key levers, and current future trends within the marketplace. This is accomplished through the development of analytic frameworks of the market, competitive analyses, and benchmarking methodologies. And lastly, HSR conducts organizational and financial analyses that determine the client's current capacity, capabilities and financial resources.

Interviews with senior management conducted by HSR help to reveal the organization's near-term and long-term objectives. Placing these objectives alongside the client's market situation and the organization's capabilities, HSR is able to assist clients in developing strategies that achieve the organization's goals within the changing landscape of the market. In order to optimize the efficacy of the client's strategy, HSR assists clients to assure that its organizational and financial resources and capabilities are aligned with the strategic plan. This includes an in-depth understanding of the client's operations, management structure and financial processes. 

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